Volunteer Opportunities

Alumni Committee – Cole Robinson, Chair

This committee is responsible for planning and presenting social/business-focused LTB events. Efforts include developing and preparing arrangements, logistics, menus, speakers and invitations to such events.

The committee will plan all Alumni events, and work with other leadership programs on events. We will work closely with the PR/Communications Committee on the marketing of our organization and the much needed community outreach. The Chair for this committee is Cole Robinson. She can be reached at via email at crobinson@fishwindowcleaning.com.

PR/Communications Committee – Loran Jarrett & Cole Robinson, Co-Chairs

This committee will work in alignment with the Alumni and the Recruitment Committee to promote all the wonderful things LTB has done and recognize its members.

We will work to streamline all communications activities, including updates to the website and collateral materials. We will also help to raise brand awareness of LTB through media relations activities, including class and board recognition, event promotion and community involvement.

The committee is responsible for collecting newsworthy LTB information and publishing periodic newsletters on the LTB website. It`s also responsible for updating our Social Media accounts (Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn). Information to be published includes but is not limited to:

  • Events

  • Committee updates

  • Executive board reports

  • Alumni updates

  • Press Releases

The Co-Chairs for this committee is Loran Jarrett & Ian Adair.  They can be reached at loranjarrett@gmail.com or iadair@gracepointwellness.org.

Recruitment Committee – Aakash Patel and Brady Harris Co-Chairs

This committee will work in alignment with the Alumni and PR/Communications Committees to increase the number of quality and future class recruits for all Tampa Bay counties.

The Chairs for this committee is Aakash Patel and Brady Harris.  They can be reached at Aakash@elevate-inc.com or bharris@gilbaneco.com.

Program Days Committee – Jackie Skryd and Nancy Newkirk, Co-Chairs

This committee oversees in the planning of class program days.  Efforts include developing and planning the day and preparing arrangements, logistics, parking, menus, speakers etc.

The Co-Chairs for this committee is Jackie Skryd and Nancy Newkirk, they can be reached at skryd.jackie@spcollege.edu or nlpford@gmail.com.

Sponsorship Committee  - Dan Newhart and Wendy Culpepper, Co-Chairs

This committee secures sponsors for all LTB events, LTB newsletters, LTB directory, LTB website and any other LTB efforts.

The Chair for this committee are is Dan Newhart, he can be reached at (727) 825-3257 or via email at dnewhart@raysbaseball.com or wendy.culpepper@kobie.com