About Us

Leadership Tampa Bay is a non-profit organization that is governed by an independent board of directors who live and work in various parts of the Tampa Bay region. The program is funded through tuition and sponsorships, and 100 percent of monies go toward programs for class members and alumni.

What is Leadership Tampa Bay About?

The counties around Tampa Bay are inextricably bound by geography and culture.  While each municipality in the Tampa Bay region has its own priorities, concerns, challenges and opportunities, local decisions affect the region as a whole-for better or worse.

Transportation, economic growth, education, the environment, water, human services and good government cannot be separated by bridges, bays and political boundaries.  We are a region; an important part of Florida whose prosperity and vitality can be best promoted when viewed and guided as a region by enlightened leadership throughout Tampa Bay. That’s what Leadership Tampa Bay is all about.

Regional Issues, Regional Action

As a non-partisan, non-special interest forum for regional progress, Leadership Tampa Bay enhances awareness, education and knowledge of major regional issues through learning experiences and discussion.  With a better understanding of regional challenges and opportunities, Leadership Tampa Bay graduates are poised to develop positive solutions that benefit the entire Tampa Bay community.

People of Action

More than 1400 individuals from over 500 businesses and organizations in the region have benefited from the leadership development experience of Leadership Tampa Bay.

The quality of Leadership Tampa Bay’s program is reflected by the quality of our graduates.  Our alumni roster includes upper management of top corporations, local government leaders, entrepreneurs and community leaders who are dedicated to serving the Tampa Bay area.

Our participants represent a cross-section of the region, both geographically and professionally.

Our Program

The Leadership Tampa Bay class year begins in September and runs through June. Each year, the board of directors organizes 10 class days that focus on regional issues and opportunities. The agenda for each day consists of panel discussions with business civic and government leaders, questions and answer sessions, and facility tours. In addition each class member participates in both an opening and closing retreat and a two day Tallahassee Trip.